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Workshop Tzevet (Staff)

There will be madrichimot (counselors), both Israeli and North American, working with the Workshop participants while they are in Israel to take care of needs they may have throughout the year, as well as to coordinate educational and group programming. These madrichimot will be in constant contact with the Workshop Rakazimot (coordinators) and the Central Office in New York. The Workshop participants will also be working with a number of additional coordinators and educators through the various portions of the Workshop program. During Shorashim, there are typically five educators who are responsible for leading the participants through their course work.


There will be between 1-3 madrichimot working solely with Workshop during the program, depending on the number of kvutzot (groups). Each kvutza will have 1-2 madrichimot, usually one North American and one Israeli (from our Israeli sister youth movement, Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed). During Kehila, the madrichimot will not live with the group, but will visit the group regularly. 


Safety and Security

Basic Security Guidelines for all Habonim Dror Long-Term Programs


Safety and security of Workshop participants is our primary concern. Habonim Dror runs a long and varied list of long-term programs in Israel for young people from abroad, together with the support of Dror Israel and Israel Authentic a program provider we work closely with.

The Workshop staff works directly with the Cheder Matzav (situation room), which is operated 24 hours a day. The Cheder Matzav is responsible for collating information from sources such as the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), the Moked Teva (nature society), the Ministry of Education, the Israeli Police, and all local government authorities in order to put out guidelines concerning all outdoor/extra curricular activities that take place across the country (from a group participating in a private hiking trip, to school excursions).


Participants on Workshop fall under the responsibility of the Workshop program at all points of the year – including free time, be it over a weekend, an evening with no scheduled programming, or in a designated "chofesh" period. Each period of free time is examined separately and is not regarded as one single issue. For each period of free time, the exact time periods, exact boundaries and exact instructions for communication are issued, each according to the security situation of the time.


Participants wishing to leave the defined premises of the program (for a free night or weekend) must notify the staff and receive permission to leave. All staff have a detailed list of participants' plans for the free time period (intended places of visits, telephone numbers, return date and time, means of transportation and routes). If the intended place for free time changes, participants must notify a member of the program’s staff immediately and give precise information about their whereabouts. Participants are allowed to use public transportation to travel, but we reserve the right to restrict travel if there is a security situation that requires us to do so.


During a period of free time which is longer than two days, all participants must contact their madrich/a once a day, or in the event of any form of security alert/national emergency within Israel, the participants must contact their staff immediately and inform them of their whereabouts.


Note: Workshop participants are required to adhere to the rules set out by the HDNA, Dror Israel and Israel Authentic. Security briefings will occur on a regular basis. Failure to comply with these rules will result in dismissal from the Workshop program. This can be applied retroactively.


Security Structure


1. At all times there are rules and guidelines concerning safety and security.

2. Workshop staff can be contacted 24 hours a day.

3. Habonim Dror employs full-time Madrichim who are responsible for the Workshop participants at all times.

4. Workshop participants will get regular Israel and security updates and briefings.

5. On weekends and during chofesh periods, contact details and itineraries for all Workshoppers must be submitted to the madrich of the group, and approved by the program director in Israel.


Procedure During the Year


1. Where necessary, changes to the program can/will be made if security demands it, these will be cleared with the Jewish Agency.

2. Restrictions and guidelines are constantly reviewed.

3. Workshoppers are always informed about any changes to security provisions.


Incident procedure


1. Program Coordinator in Israel and group madrichim are informed of any incident.

2. Workshoppers are phoned and located and must respond immediately that they are okay and identify their location.

3. Program Director informs HDNA 

4. Parents are e-mailed or phoned by HDNA.

5. Security restrictions are reviewed.

6. Madrichimot remain available to advise Workshoppers.



Mobile Phones

All Workshoppers must have a mobile phone for the duration of the program. You have the option of bringing your already unlocked phone to Israel and inserting a SIM card or ordering a new phone from Israelphones. You can contact Israelphones directly at: or call toll free from the US (1-866-897-9393) or Canada (1-866-302-5512). You should highlight the group name as “Habonim Dror – Workshop.” Israel Phones does rent and sell SIM cards to use with smart phones. If you plan to purchase or rent a SIM card, make sure your smart phone is unlocked before you leave North America. If you plan to order a phone through another company or have another plan for obtaining cell service while in Israel, that is fine as well.


Please be aware that Habonim Dror will not take any responsibility for damage, loss or breakdown/malfunction of the phone. All inquiries should be made directly to IsraelPhones. Mobile phones must be switched off or put on silent during programming, so please do not be alarmed if you call and your child does not answer immediately. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s availability at any particular time, please contact the programs director in Central Office. 


Workshop participants will have e-mail and Internet access throughout the year. They often bring computers or other devices with them, but please keep in mind that if they are sharing them with each other, they are often in high demand! The only time they will not have regular e-mail access is during the Poland portion of the program. Both the kibbutz and the house they will live in the second half of the year will have internet access in order to skype and email.

E-mails will also be sent to Workshop parents intermittently throughout the year. It is crucial that you inform the program organizer in the Central Office if your e-mail address changes so as to be sure that you receive all Workshop e-mails.

Regular Mail

From September through to mid-December, packages/mail for Workshop participants can be sent to the following address:

(NAME OF PARTICIPANT) - Habonim Dror North America Workshop

Kibbutz Yizreel

D. N. Yizreel 1935000


During Chava, from mid-December to the end of the program, it is best to send all packages/mail for Workshop participants to the offices of HaNoar HaOved VeHalomed, witg "Give to Eran Winter - Program Coordinator" written on it:


(NAME OF PARTICIPANT) - Habonim Dror North America Workshop

120 Kibbutz Galuyot Road

Tel Aviv 



Please be aware that the Israeli customs authority imposes heavy taxes on any electronic items, or on packages whose total value exceeds $70 USD. The participant will be liable to cover any and all postal charges.

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