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A food review from the Shuk HaCarmel in Tel-Aviv

“Honestly that was such a unique and enriching experience. I passed plenty of jewelers, markets, restaurants and more as I made my way down the endless strip. Seeing so many different people and languages as I sought out some good food. Falafel and sandwiches catching my eye but not fully able to keep my attention. Finally I ran into the most delicious looking grill. “MEKOR HaBERACHA” was my instant yes for lunch. The chef was shouting things like “kebab” and “THE BEST IN THE MARKET!”. I ordered the Tel-Aviv mixed grill which was an order of sabich with pita, kebab, chicken breast, humus and aoli. The meat was juicy and rich with each bite. I ate this delight as I walked down some streets just enjoying some time in a new place. A short line and no complaints, I would definitely come back again!”


Written by Eitan Polanco (Machaneh Moshava)

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