Machaneh Bonim B'Israel (MBI) 


2021 Program Dates

This year we are partnering with NFTY Mitzvah Corps Israel for our 

2021 Program Cost

Due to COVID-19, we are not yet able to release our program rates for 2021. We expect to have an update by early December

What is MBI?

Experience Israel by participating in the most unique program of its kind from North America. Join MBI for a 4 week summer adventure with your post-grade 10 national shichva (age group). On MBI, you will travel the country from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv; from the Kinneret to the Dead Sea; from the Golan Heights to the Negev Desert, and more!  


The relationships you develop during MBI are sure to last a lifetime. Participants are split into tour groups to experience the country. Activities focus on building strong ties within these groups and with their national shichva. MBI fosters growth and new levels of understanding by creating a powerful learning environment. Israeli and North American youth are brought together to learn about topics ranging from Judaism, Zionism, social justice, Israeli history, Israeli culture, leadership, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, allowing the participants to learn independently and collectively about their connection to Israel and Jewish society. A central goal of the MBI program is to help create young leaders with strong Jewish identities who will use the knowledge they gain at home, in their communities, and at their machanot (summer camps) when they return from the program.