Payments & Scholarship

Workshop Program Cost

 U.S. residents: $10,900 USD (4 months), $13,100 USD (6 months)

Canadian residents: $9,810 USD (4 months), $11,790 USD (6 months)

*Workshop tuition is fixed in US dollars ($), and includes all educational programming, seminars and day trips, food, housing, living expenses, ground transportation within Israel, health insurance, and more. Program tuition does not include airfare to and from Israel, nor kupa (more information on kupa at bottom of page). However, our office is able to connect families from the same area if interested in flying together.








We are able to arrange alternate payment schedules for families who cannot meet the schedule listed above. Please email Bekah Diamond-Bier, our Finance Director, at to discuss the possibility of setting up a separate payment plan.

Payment Options

Payment towards Workshop tuition can be made by credit card online or by personal check. To pay online, please email Bekah at to let her know you want to pay online. She will send you an invoice, after which you can input your information online. To pay by check, please make the check payable to Habonim Dror North America and send to:

Habonim Dror North America

254 36th Street B423 Mailbox 50

Brooklyn NY 11232

Refund Options


If a participant withdraws from the program before August 1, 2020 they are eligible to receive a full tuition refund. Should a participant voluntarily leaves the program after November 1st, 2020, they are still responsible for payment of the program tuition in full. Should a participant voluntarily leave the program before November 1st, 2020, they will be responsible for one-half of the program tuition. In the case of the participant’s removal from the program for cause due to a violation of the contract and/or program rules, the undersigned is responsible for payment of the program tuition in full, and any related costs incurred by Habonim Dror, regardless of the time of removal. Habonim Dror North America reserves the right to cancel the program, or change the itinerary due to low enrollment, security, or other reasons as determined in its sole and absolute discretion. Habonim Dror North America also reserves the right to amend the payment schedule above, the refund policy, and the program cancellation policy. In the event that changes are made to the program, terms, or policies, you will be notified via email and will be responsible for adhering to the new policy or payment schedule.

Grants and Scholarships

One of Habonim Dror's central values is giving participants meaningful experiences in Israel. However, we recognize that there are interested applicants in need of financial assistance to make the opportunity of Workshop possible. We believe that Workshop applicants should not be excluded from participation due to financial need, and are here to work with you to identify and secure the necessary funds to participate in the program. Below are several scholarship sources to start your search. In addition to these listed sources, we encourage families who are in financial need to be in touch with us so that we are able to assist you in finding additional scholarship sources. Please contact Bekah at



HDNA Scholarship: Habonim Dror North America has a modest scholarship fund to help participants. Apply ASAP. Additionally, we can also offer alternative payment schedules to help ease the financial challenge of Workshop. If interested, please be in touch with Bekah.


Amy Adina Schulman Fund: Grants are awarded to American and Canadian applicants who will spend time in Israel engaging in volunteer work and progressive social action projects. Apply ASAP.


Masa: Masa is an organization funded by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the government of Israel to assist Jewish youth who want to go on Israel programs. Workshop is an approved Masa program. Masa offers both grants and needs-based scholarships. You will be eligible to apply for Masa grants and scholarships once you sign up for Habonim Dror Workshop through the portal on the Masa website. Apply here. After you fill out your basic information, you will be asked to select which program you have applied for. Our program is listed in the drop down menu as "Workshop" (scroll to the W's at the bottom!). For the next question, which asks you to select the sessions you have applied to, the 4 month option for the program is listed as 'Workshop Semester' and the 6 month option is listed as just 'Workshop 70.' 


Jewish Federations: Many local Jewish Federations have scholarship and grants to help send Jewish youth to Israel. Call your local Jewish Federation and ask to speak to the Finance Director or the person in charge of scholarships. Explain your situation, ask about sources of funding from within the organization, and then see if the staff can also recommend other sources of funding available in your local community. We highly recommend calling, rather than emailing, and contacting your local federation as early as possible.


Synagogues: Many synagogues have scholarship funds to assist Jewish youth in participating in Israel programs.


Community organizations: Other Jewish community organizations may have scholarships available or be able to assist you in identifying other sources of funding in your area. Contact the local JCC, or other Jewish and Zionist organizations that may be in your area.


Additional funding: We encourage you to check out additional funding sources here.


Payment Schedule - U.S. Tuition

4 Months $10,900 USD 

July 15 - $1000 USD deposit

Sep 1 - $4,950 USD  

Nov 1 - $4,950 USD, or remaining balance

6 Months $13,100 USD

July 15 - $1000 USD deposit

Sep 1 - $4,033.33 USD  

Nov 1 - $4,033.33 USD    

Jan 1 -  $4,033.34 USD, or remaining balance

Payment Schedule - Canadian Tuition

4 Months $9,810 USD 

July 15 - $1000 USD deposit

Sep 1 - $4,405.00 USD  

Nov 1 - $4,405.00 USD, or remaining balance

6 Months $11,790 USD

July 15 - $1000 USD deposit

Sep 1 - $3,596.66 USD  

Nov 1 - $3,596.66 USD    

Jan 1 -  $3,596.66 USD, or remaining balance


One unique aspect of the Habonim Dror Workshop program is the kupa (communal fund). This communal fund is used to cover all expenses not covered by the program, such as travel and entertainment. Kupa provides an avenue through which kvutza (group) members can demonstrate a commitment to one another through communal living and a responsibility for one another’s needs. It is recommended that each participant contribute $600 - $1,100 USD to the kupa. Each workshop kvutza (group) will set up a bank account which will hold their kupa, and they will have autonomy to decide how they want to manage that money.


Please include your kupa amount with your second Workshop payment.

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