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Hagshama Seminar

Habonim Dror North America’s Hagshama Seminar is a 9 day kvutza-oriented (group building) seminar in Israel. The seminar has two tracks, the first for 2nd year shlav bet maapilimot (college sophmores) and the other for 4th year shlav bet maapilimot (college seniors).  In this seminar, participants can deepen their kvutza (group) process and strengthen their Israel and movement education. During the seminar, participants will benefit from guest speakers, siyurim (educational tours) and the opportunity to have the central conversations about Israeli society, Zionism, and the hagshama (actions) of their kvutzah with their madrichimot (educators) who live in Israel. Furthermore, participants will be able frame their conversations in the context of both mainstream Israeli society and the Habonim Dror community in Israel. Both because of its length and because it is kvutza-oriented, Hagshama Seminar is an opportunity to engage questions about the movement to a depth that most other HDNA seminars cannot. Participants in their 2nd year are asked to answer together how they plan to bring what they learn on this seminar back to their campuses and home communities, in their roles as HDNA educators, and 4th year participants are asked to envision a life in Israel, together, as a chalutzic garin joining Dror Israel. Of those who have made Aliyah from Habonim Dror to live in Urban Kvutzot and work in education and social justice in Israel, 100% of them have attended at least one of the these seminars.

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