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MBI is a program that combines an exploration of Israel with creative educational programming and leadership training. The tochnit (program) is designed to provide a substantive Israel experience resulting in personal growth, the formation of a relationship to Israel, and the development of a national shichva (age group). While MBI involves a great deal of touring and hiking, it also emphasizes a strong commitment to education as is evident in the various peulot (educational activities). These peulot go hand in hand with the touring, and serve to contextualize and process the sites and history the participants are experiencing.

We expect our participants to return to their home machaneh (summer camp) the following summer with an understanding of a variety of topics (i.e. Israeli history, modern Israeli society, progressive Zionism, Judaism, cooperative community building) and a stronger sense of self, which will aid in their experience as Madatzim (counselors-in-training) the next summer and educators for campers. The MBI experience encourages self-discovery and equips participants with the tools to become leaders in their respective communities.

An important aspect of MBI is group and relationship building. These tools are essential to foster a strong sense of national shichva (age-group). The participants are placed in smaller groups, each of which has two madrichim (counselors) assigned to it. These groups create an intimate social environment.

Another important focus of MBI is to give the participants an opportunity to meet Israeli youth. The group will spend a few days in a camp with members of our sister youth movement, HaNoar HaOved v'HaLomed.

For more information about the MBI program:

Check out the MBI 2020 presentation!

The MBI Program

"Tnua achot has been really cool because I have been able to form real connections not just with Israelis but with people in a movement with similar values."


"I absolutely loved Rafsodia. Building a raft and sailing across the Kinneret allowed me to get very close with my kvutzah and showed me that I can depend on people in Habonim Dror."


"There have been highlights, but one thing that has really stuck out for me was when we went hiking and crawled through caves at the Midras ruins and then went to the beach! Seeing these sights has really allowed me to appreciate Israel's beauty."  

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