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The word kupa literally translates to “cash box”, but on MBI we use the term to describe the communal fund that the group will establish in order to function collectively. Kupa is integral to Habonim Dror ideology and a major component of our educational programming. The group will decide how to manage their spending money and will ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Expenses covered by the kupa include snacks, entertainment, necessary toiletries, as well as small souvenirs. All of your basic expenses are covered throughout the program. Kupa pays for anything extra.


 The suggested amount for kupa is between $100-$200 (US Dollars). Kupa money should be sent directly to the Central Office alongside your second payment. Any future questions regarding kupa or payments should be directed to


Spending Money

While kupa can be used as source of spending money, it is not meant to fund gifts and memorabilia that participants wish to purchase. Participants should bring either cash (either American or Canadian dollars to be exchanged or Israeli shekel) or an ATM/Debit. DO NOT send your child with traveler’s checks. If possible send your child with NIS (New Israel Shekel/Shekalim).

Please Note: Habonim Dror is not responsible for any lost or stolen money on MBI.



Every participant needs a valid passport. Please check to make sure your passport is not expired. You may experience complication if your passport expires within 6 months of return from the program - If your passport expires before March of the following year you will need to renew your passport immediately before you leave for the program. We need each participant’s passport information in order for us to obtain health insurance for each MBI participant. Please send this in by May 1st to avoid any delays in coverage! If you have a concern regarding passport information please let the Program Director know as soon as you can. 


Please note: If you were born in Israel or if you are an Israeli Citizen, check on potential travel taxes with the Israeli Consulate nearest you. Make sure you bring your Israeli passport with you in addition to your North American.

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