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Scholarship Information


Habonim Dror believes in a socialism based on the values of equality, social justice, collectivism, peace and democracy, and educates its chaverimot (members) towards contributing to a society and living a life based on these values in Israel.  Habonim Dror asserts that the practice of socialism – combining elements of common ownership, democracy, access to resources and the understanding of collective responsibility is essential for the equality of all people. Consistent with our ideology, Habonim Dror believes that qualified program applicants should not be excluded from participation due to an inability to pay.  We have a supportive alumni organization that raise funds to subsidize the high cost of programs and to provide scholarships. 

In addition to local sources and the Amy Adina Schulman Fund, program participants can apply here for scholarships from the Habonim Dror national office. Our largest scholarships typically cover around 10% of the tuition cost. Please contact Bekah Diamond-Bier at if you have any questions. 


 MASA is an organization funded by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the government of Israel to help fund prospective participants of Israel programs. Their website has a list of scholarships available for long-term Israel programs.

Local Scholarships

There are many local scholarship opportunities worth checking out. Local Jewish Federations, Jewish community centers, synagogues, and other community groups and organizations may be able to help fund Israel programs. Be sure to reach out to these potential funding sources early on in your process of applying to Workshop, and keep up to date on any dates and deadlines about applying.

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