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MBI Tzevet (Staff)

Rosh (Director)

The rosh of MBI plans and runs the program in coordination with the Programs Director. The rosh is in constant communication with the madrichim (counselors) and ensures that the program runs smoothly, both educationally and otherwise, as it has been designed. The rosh also serves as a liaison with the Israel Experience Ltd., the Habonim Dror office in Tel Aviv, and Habonim Dror North America’s office in New York.


Merakez Techni (Logistical Coordinator)

The techni works primarily with the rosh to ensure that all logistics are taken care of and that programming runs smoothly.


Merakez Chinuch (Educational Coordinator)

The chinuch works on the educational rationale and content brought to the participants during the program. In addition to the touring, MBI participants will also be guided through a series of activities aimed towards processing their experiences during the summer. These are planned by the Merakez Chinuch as well as the rest of the tzevet (staff).

Habonim Dror Madrichimot (Counselors)

All members of the tzevet (staff) are experienced counselors who collectively represent a wide spectrum of Habonim Dror machanot (summer camps) and countries. These madrichimot serve as educators and role models. They will be with the group 100% of the time during MBI. Three Habonim Dror madrichimot are typically assigned to every bus.


Israeli Madrichimot

The MBI tzevet (staff) also consists of Israeli madrichimot. They are all members of our Israeli sister movement Ha’Noar Ha’Oved V’Lomed. These madrichim have been chosen based on their leadership skills, experience working with children, and their knowledge of English. One Israeli madrich/a is assigned per bus.

Madrichimot Masa (Licensed Tour Guides)

Madrichimot Masa work alongside the MBI tzevet (staff) and one is assigned to each bus. They serve as both a tour guide and madrichol for the chanichimot throughout the summer. Because the madrichol masa stays with the same group for the entire summer, he/she can cater educational programs and touring to the group’s personality and needs. In this way, the madrichol masa provides in-depth information about each location on the program and makes the learning engaging and fun.


Chovesh (Security/Medical Personnel)

There will be one security guard per bus as required by Israeli law during all hikes and tours of specific sites


The security and well being of our participants is ALWAYS our primary concern. All of our activities are carried out in compliance with the strictest possible safety requirements in accordance with the standards set by the Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency Security Department. These bodies coordinate directly with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), the Israeli Police and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). The Jewish Agency in Israel, in cooperation with HDNA, takes complete responsibility for the safety of all participants on the MBI program. If there is any concern about the security of the group on any given day, the coordinators on the ground are contacted by the security agencies, who are then in contact with HDNA. In the event of an emergency, the group will be moved to a safe place in Israel away from the area in question. Below is a detailed description of our security policies and practices:


Security Infrastructure

All routes and itineraries are carefully checked and approved by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) in conjunction with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), the Israeli Police and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). All itineraries are scrutinized prior to the group's arrival in Israel and re-approved on a daily basis. Each madrich carries a functioning cell phone at all times.



Mid-program Changes

In case of an emergency or other immediate situation, programs are promptly altered in consultation with the security organizations described above. The Israel Experience (our program provider and a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency) is equipped to make any changes to the program deemed necessary.


Medics and Security

The regulations of the Education Ministry require all programs to travel with a medic and security person on all hikes and tours of cities. As such, one security personnel and medic will travel with each bus on every hike and tour.


Public Transportation

No public transportation on buses (Egged or Dan public buses) is allowed. In addition, participants are not permitted to travel in taxis unaccompanied by a staff member. Travel by train must be pre-approved by the Jewish Agency. These rules apply to all travel throughout the summer. This includes the MBI free weekend (for more information about free weekend, please contact the Programs Director).



Free Time

When participants are given free time, it will always be within specific geographical boundaries. They will be split into small groups of no less than three participants and will have to report to their counselors (who will remain in a designated spot) every 30 minutes. Participants will also have an emergency card that will include all relevant phone numbers and emergency contacts. Travel to and from free time activities will be only on the group bus.


Please Note: Free time may be postponed, cancelled, or modified at the discretion of the Jewish Agency and Habonim Dror.

Our commitment to you: 

1. Regular updates, including regular blog entries throughout the MBI program. 


2. Contact with parents throughout the year. 


3. Always available to answer questions 24/7.


4. Direct and immediate communication in case of an incident.





An MBI Blog will be maintained throughout the summer to keep family and friends informed of the group’s activities. It will be updated daily. This year's blog will be found at: 


MBI participants will not have regular access to e-mail while in Israel. There will be limited times to check email on smart phones or other internet receiving devices they may have. Most hostels where the group will stay has internet access. We recommend parents/families use Whatsapp to remain in contact with participants.



Participants of MBI can rent a cell phone through Israelphones, who have provided phones for MBI participants successfully for many years. We recommend that participants bring their phones from home, turn them on airplane mode and use internet when available to communicate.

Reaching the Central Office

In the case of an emergency during the summer, parents should contact the Central Office in Brooklyn, New York. We will, in turn, contact our Rosh MBI with whom we are in daily telephone contact. Please make note of the following contact information for your records:


Habonim Dror North America Central Office: (718) 789-1796

Emergency Habonim Dror North America Cell Phone: (215) 595-8092


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