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Application Process
Medical Examination Form 

In an effort to make the intake of our participants medical information more convenient and affordable for families we no longer require that every participant has a doctor complete a supplementary medical form.  Only participants who are taking prescribed medication or who have been seen by a mental or physical health professional in the past year will be required to have their doctor fill out a supplementary form. 

Everyone will be receiving a separate online medical form to be filled out by both the participant and their parent/guardian.  Failure to disclose medical information can result in dismissal of the program at the family's expense.  Any changes to the participants health that occur after the form is filled out must also be reported to us. 

​Once you have registered, you will receive the medical form from our office via email.

February 1st
Submit Completed Application and First Deposit of $1,500 USD ($500 USD non-refundable)
April 1st
Submit Participant and Payment Contracts
May 1st
Submit Online Medical Form (and Doctors/Specialist Form if necessary)
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