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Habonim Dror & Hashomer Hatzair

Birthright Israel

Upcoming Dates



Includes a free flight from NYC to Israel. However, you must organize your own travel to and from NYC. 

Must submit a deposit of $250 that will be returned.


Follow this link to pre-register for our next trip:





To Sign Up for the Trip

1. Pre-register now at by clicking this link. You’ll select “Tlalim-Israel Outdoors” as your trip organizer. Once you do this, you’ll be sent an email to notify you of registration opening.

2. Complete your registration once it opens.

3. Make sure to choose Tlalim-Israel Outdoors as your trip organizer in section 2 of the Primary Application.

4. When asked to select a trip in the Primary Application, choose “Exploring Israel as a Shared Society.” 

5. Don't forget to submit your deposit!

6. Once you submit your deposit, within 24 hours Israel Outdoors will email you a link to the Secondary Application. Log in and confirm the trip you want.

7. Wait for a "Trip Offer Email" from Israel Outdoors. Once you receive it, accept the spot!


Educational Rationale

This trip is designed for people who want to learn more about Israel and its socio-political landscape. This trip is not only for members of Habonim Dror or Hashomer Hatzair! We will be connecting to Judaism through a social justice lens, and exploring Israel as a shared society, meeting many different perspectives along the way. We will be learning about organizations and people that are working towards peace and a just Israeli society. This trip is curated and brought to you through Israel Outdoor’s partnership with Habonim Dror and Hashomer Hatzair, two progressive socialist-zionist youth movements committed to seeking peace, reconciliation, and a shared society in Israel and Palestine.

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