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Application Process







1. Application

Fill out both parts to the Workshop application (below). We will still accept applications until August 1, but we ask that you do not wait to apply for Workshop!

5. Apply for Masa

Apply for your Masa student visa, which allows you to stay in Israel for longer than 3 months.

2. Financial Assistance

Apply for Habonim Dror financial assistance, and other scholarships ASAP. The sooner you do the better, so that we know participants' general financial need.

6. Submit Forms

Send in your medical and behavioral forms, as well as your online participant and payment contracts. All forms will be sent via email.

3. Program Deposit

Submit the Workshop first deposit of $1,000 USD.

7. Book Flights  

Book your flights to and from Israel.

4. Interview

Initial Interview with a member of the Habonim Dror North America staff. 

8. Book Phone Plan

Secure an Israeli phone plan for  your time in Israel.

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